Our products

Restaurant E-Menu Kiosk

Order at table, App to help you increase revenue, customer retention level and better the customer relationship

Mobile POS (mPOS)

Get an handly POS System, light and easy to move. Professional version include on the fly sales everywhere in your store or outside

Self Service Customer

Allow customers to order products themselves in your store whether or not product is available. To pick-up next time

Omnichannel - Your website

Create an e-commerce website in one click. Choose your theme, add products and sell. Easy to manage your products in one place

Omnichannel - Your App

Your own iOS / Android mobile app for your business will be deployed on AppStore and Google Play, in one click

Omnichannel - Thirdparty

Sell on other sites, such as Facebook, on Amazon and Metribook sites around the world. Increase your visibility, sell more

Store Companion App

Take your customer in hand, help them to see your new products, promo etc. This is your customer companion inside your store

Customer Registration

Unique App, it allows your customers to create account in your store and get them into your customer list much more easy

Showcase and demo App

Put a beautifull stand on front of your store, inside, backstage, fitting room, then expose your products with high resolution images

Start increase your sales with metribook Apps

Regardless you are restaurant, retailer, hotel, spa, car dealer. Money back guaranty

  • Full integrated mobile POS

    Light, easy to move. Get microsoft surface pro to start. Use your favorite payment pinpap device (bluetooth or USB )

  • Separated App for Self Order

    Allow your customer to navigate in your store inventory, order himself and pick-up later. Support all payment method

  • High resolution Showcase

    Take advantage of Microsoft Windows power to display over 15 inch touch screen device or a custom display setup in widescreen

  • Metribook professional

    Include a Master App to communicate with customer in your store. And an integrated mPOS and self service order system. Allow customer registration to your customer list

  • Restaurant e-menu App

    Now your customer can start order meals from their seats. Get much more feedback, register them without efford, contact them at home with our metribook client App (free), send promo, invitation, birthday reminders, reservation

  • Showcase App

    Display showcase product using an iPad in a beautiful shiny stand, attractive. All our touch app allow customer registration

  • Customer App for restaurant

    Let your customer self order products themselves in your store, including restaurant e-menu using an android tablet

  • Store companion App

    Let your customer follow your omnichannel business model, allow them to see what you want they see, promo, new product, register them

  • Show case on Android

    You can also use an Android shiny tablet to display your product with a high resolution image. All using our cloud infrastructure

Québec MEV/SRM

Our restaurant POS Software is MEV/SRM Revenue Québec certified


You can access your data everywhere around the world. Availability 99,9% SLA

Credit and Debit Card

Our POS system accepts major kinds of payment methods including Apple Pay

Security Enabled

We use the most updated encryption technology to secure your data

In-store preview

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E-Menu Restaurant

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mPOS (Mobile Point of Sale)

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Customer Registrant App

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Showcase App

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Store companion App

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Self service tablet

Metribook is a social network product for business. We use omini-channel market to bring customer to you. From our iPhone/Android customer App to your mPOS.

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Omni-channel customers

Available Plans


No monthly fee

$ 0 / month

  • All metribook products
  • Birthday and reservations
  • 3,95% + 0,4$ fee / transaction
  • Paypal & credit card included
  • Fixed annual fee: $ 79,99


Lower fees

$ 34,99 / month

  • All metribook products
  • Birthday and reservations
  • 2% + 0,2$ fee per transaction
  • Debit/Credit card reader
  • Option paypal, visa, mastercard


No fee per transaction

$ 78 / month

  • All metribook products
  • Birthday and reservations
  • Paypal & credit card included
  • Debit/Credit card reader
  • Option paypal, visa, mastercard


Unlimited access to our product range

$ 299 / month

  • All professional options
  • First line support
  • Custom design support
  • Special needs payment gateway
  • Best for a big store

Metribook projects

Metribook mart

Order from your favourite suppliers

iPhone App

Keeping your local suppliers in hand

Android App

Make appointments directly

Social network

Share discoveries with your contacts

Discover our projects and the rigorous process of creation. Our principles are creativity, design, experience and knowledge. We have more than 15 years of software engineering.

Our partners

  • Metribook is one of the most revolutionary products in retail, we are proud to be able to work with this very rigorous team

    Verdiera Consulting, Montreal Canada
  • Metribook is a complete solution that helps to keep a regular contact with the client, with their phone application, since each client can download it.

    Amanda Wear
  • We started using the Kiosk in our restaurant, and we really notice a change. Customers like it, and we can invite them to their birthdays, it's great

    Double Pizza
  • We were able to quickly create our website quickly with Metribook. It just took a few clicks and the site is ready. We can change our rates in real time and also the kiosk in the restaurant displays the same products, we really like this experience

    Cafe express
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